One more Earth Wall

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Posted 17 Feb 2012 in Information, Matter
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Because i like those earth walls so much, here is one more texture of the chapel of reconciliation in Berlin. This one is a bit more even but has the same warm, natural character.

This time i played around in Photoshop as well and created some additional textures from it. They are useful for 3D applications and rendering, but i also like what they can tell about hidden structures and patterns. The first one is a displacement map:

Earth Wall Texture Displacement Map

And the second one is a specularity map, i like this one much more. One can almost count the little stones that are easily being overseen when just looking at the original picture.

Earth Wall Texture Specularity Map

Like the last textures put in the sketchbook these one should be seemless. I think i have to test that soon.

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